Hello my fellow beer lovers of the world. I started this blog so I could review beers on the level of the common man (or woman). There have been too many times in which I have been drinking a beer and gone online to see what other people think of that beer and saw a lot of websites and blogs talking about hoppy this or malty that. Now, I know these are the typical words used when describing beer but I have always felt that there should be someone out there describing beer from the perspective of the "common man." That's where I come in. I hope you enjoy.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Harpoon Winter Warmer

Now that all of the winter holidays are over we can get back to the grindstone and drink some more beers. Now, we still have some more time before the winter season is over and all of the great winter seasonals (well at least most of them were great) are gone for another year. Now on this "episode" of the The Common Beer Lover were going to look at Harpoon Brewery's Winter Warmer, their winter seasonal. The brew has a nice ABV of 5.9% which, per usual, will keep you warm on these cold January nights. On the bottle, Harpoon sells the beer saying that the beer has a "flavor of cinnamon and nutmeg" making the beer "full-bodied, rich and a classic holiday treat." The beer has a great flavor with a number of different components that just work really well together. First, Harpoon wasn't lying when they said that they used cinnamon in the beer which you can really taste, but before you jump off the bandwagon they do I good job of taming the taste by adding just enough of bitterness which makes the beer very enjoyable to drink. The beer isn't too sweet where you feel like you can only have one or two before you need to stop nor is it too heavy where it fills you up. All in all, this beer hits the spot on all levels and is definitely a beer that you need to go out and try for yourself, one of my favorites of the winter.

Overall Score - 8.6

More beers on the way and I promise there are some microbrews coming.


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