Hello my fellow beer lovers of the world. I started this blog so I could review beers on the level of the common man (or woman). There have been too many times in which I have been drinking a beer and gone online to see what other people think of that beer and saw a lot of websites and blogs talking about hoppy this or malty that. Now, I know these are the typical words used when describing beer but I have always felt that there should be someone out there describing beer from the perspective of the "common man." That's where I come in. I hope you enjoy.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!

The holidays are in full swing here in mid December. Hanukkah is just passed and Christmas is around the corner. Here in the Dirty Jers' there is an upcoming snowstorm looking to dump about a foot of snow on us. With winter in full force I have decided to dedicate my first couple of posts (by couple of posts I mean all posts until the end of January) to winter brews. I plan on reviewing beers from the most popular to small micro brews found across the country. I hope to start this blog of right and start to give all you beer lovers out there great reviews. Also I am going to be trying to review as many types of beer as possible so if anybody has any suggestions on winter beers that I should try please let me know. Check back later.

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