Hello my fellow beer lovers of the world. I started this blog so I could review beers on the level of the common man (or woman). There have been too many times in which I have been drinking a beer and gone online to see what other people think of that beer and saw a lot of websites and blogs talking about hoppy this or malty that. Now, I know these are the typical words used when describing beer but I have always felt that there should be someone out there describing beer from the perspective of the "common man." That's where I come in. I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Samuel Adams Winter Lager

Samuel Adam's brings a great beer to the table with their winter seasonal selection, Winter Lager. The label defines the beer as "a dark wheat lager blended with winter spices." Now usually, I am not personally a fan of the type of wheat beers that Samuel Adams ships out because of the distinct taste that they have but this one I love. The winter lager has a good ABV of 5.8% but the interesting thing is that I actually had to go onto the website to find that little piece of information out because I couldn't find it on the bottle or the six pack it came in. The beer goes down really smooth and doesn't have the bite or the heaviness that other of the winter seasonal's have had, which is a nice change. The only bitterness that you will experience is in the little hint of an aftertaste that only lingers for a fraction of a second. In reality, at least to my limited beer palate, the only of the "winter spices" that I could say that I tasted was a hint of cinnamon. I am torn between really enjoying this beer because of the great flavor or liking it more because of the different change of pace that it brings compared to the other winter varieties. But, the fact that it gives us beer drinkers a new direction in winter beers gives it a notch up in my book. In closing, I feel that this beer is easy to drink and gives a good taste without being overpowering.

Overall Score - 7.3

Keep posted, I have two different Magic Hat winter brews sitting in the fridge and I'm getting pumped to drink them.


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